Oh dear.

I won't ask what happened. We'll pretend your cat ate your password.
Or maybe your dog.

People have been asking me to add one of these, so I guess I might as well get around to doing it.

Here's how it's going to work.

Step One
Enter your username and email address into the following boxes, then submit.
If you can't remember, or have lost access to your email address, leave it blank.

Step Two
If they match up to your account details, you'll get an email. Grab the safety key from the email and shove it into the box in step 4.

Step Three
If your email address doesn't match the one stored in your account, your details will be passed on to Jayenkai, who will go about trying to make sure you are who you say you are. If all's well and good, he'll let you back in the old fashioned way.

Step Four
Enter your safety key in the following box to claim your brand new sparkling password.
Step Five
Log into LittleLever.info, change your password and then memorise your password!!