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For any Tech minded people

Posted : Thursday, 26 March 2015, 17:28 | Permalink
Henighan DJ

For any tech minded people including Jayenkai, who I assume is the admin here.
If you like tech stuff you could try here>> dont be confused with the twit name, it means "This Week In Tech" its a US based Tech podcast site, viewed by most people in the US/UK and world wide, you can either stream it live with some 30 hours a week of live streaming programs or down load "Legitemately" all of the programing on their web site or from the space on You Tube.
TWIT are based in California, in a town called Petaluma about an hours drive north of San Francisco. I watch most of their programs including Saturday and Sunday The Tech Guy, Leo Laporte broadcasts from their studios to 180 US radio stations answering peoples calls on the phone Live.
Just remember this, California is 8 Hours behind UK time, so, for example if a program starts at 11.00Am their time, it will be 7.00pm our time. Hey, I have got used to it, I even have a clock showing US Pacific Daylight Time. Try It.

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Posted : Thursday, 26 March 2015, 18:12 | Permalink | Mark Here

I (Yep, Jayenkai, hello!) currently watch 2 regular channels on YouTube.

Geekanoids is a UK based guy who reviews gadgets and things. He also does daily vlogs and a weekly podcast, and he's a "friendly" video presence. Sometimes, you find a vlogger that doesn't quite feel comfortable to watch, but Geekanoids is a good fit, or at least for me, he is!

The other channel I regularly watch is, who do much more indepth techy stuff, and spend the time discussing bad-points of tech, unlike most "only praise" reviewers. They also have a weekly podcast, which regularly runs over two hours! That's great for those sleepless nights..

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