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Back to LittleLever's Blog ( Created 21 December 2014 | Last Edited 21 December 2014)
Development Diary : Working on Uploads..
Because apparently they're complicated!
Urgh.. Just when you think something's working well, you stumble upon something else that's broken!
Uploads are tied to a secondary SQL database, so I need to faff about with that, too.

Soon, 9% of the site might be working!!

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Posted : Sunday, 21 December 2014, 21:08

Test comment!

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Posted : Sunday, 21 December 2014, 21:30

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Posted : Monday, 23 March 2015, 03:19
Henighan DJ

I have to say the site is very well laid out, it is fresh, easy to use. I have the sneaky feeling you and I are the only people on here, if I am wrong I will stand correcting. I do remember a couple of years ago there was a Little Lever site but it was very under used unfortunately it closed. I hope your not going to give in as the last people did.
Is it that the people of L/L dont want advice or, to know anything. Hey they are the same in my town of Wellington, Somerset, no one is interested, they would rather be in the pub or making use of their weed, now 5 miles to the west, the County town of Somerset, Taunton, has quite a few forums and places to find out info.

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Posted : Monday, 23 March 2015, 18:43

Yeah, it's a bit quiet, here. The fact is, with a couple of Facebook groups, the idea of having a "Forum" is all a bit 1998!!
It doesn't cost me anything much to keep this running, though, so it'll stay up, even if it isn't exactly the most active of sites.

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